Sunday, August 1, 2010

it's been over a year since we spoke, let alone saw each other.
I'm a completely different person, and you're more immature than I even remember.
Let's get this straight:
You do not know me.
I really don't think you ever did.
I never did anything to you.
If you knew everything, if I told you everything like I used to be able to, you'd have a completely different perspective and you'd think yourself an idiot.
I had a dream last night that we talked and I forgave you. Note to self: Don't.
I like to think that I could, but I know that there's so much pent up hurt and anger that I really don't know if I could.
Not that it even matters.
You never would apologize. You still won't. You're too much of a child for that.
It's frustrating, because I put on this strong guise and act as if you're just stupid and it doesn't bother me.
But the fact that you'd even act the way you do just...disgusts me so much that it hurts.
Which just comes back to: You have no idea who I am.
You don't know what kind of things I go through. The way my family works, or school, or my walk with God.
So seriously, stop giving me shit for it.

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