Sunday, February 27, 2011

I just reformatted my computer. I have my mouse plugged in and the pointing device on my laptop is driving me crazy. It's insanely sensitive so I have to be incredibly careful when I type.
Reformatting your computer is a little bit like cleaning out the garbage. Except I get to go through an entire terabyte of data and get rid of everything I no longer want on my computer. It's not so bad, until I find things that I had completely forgotten about and get totally distracted for a while. Hence me writing in my blog. I haven't updated for a while and I found the below 'survey' thing on my computer. So I filled it out and I'm putting it here. I guess it gives me an excuse to type for a little bit.

Besides, writing about how things are going in my life feels nice every now and then. Sometimes it's hard to explain how I feel out loud, and writing it all out is much easier.
Recently, I've been feeling alienated at work. I've said it before, but now every time I get dressed for work, I dread how it's going to feel when I get there. Usually it's all worry about nothing, but there are days when I notice that I just don't fit in anymore. I'm turning 20 in 2 months, and some of the girls that I work are just turning 17. It's strange. I've experienced a whole different side of the world than some of these girls have, and the way I approach life, let alone work, is so different.
It's just odd, now, I guess. I don't like it. I feel like we don't relate. What's worse is when there's hangouts that not only do I not get invited to, but the nights when there's hangouts and the other girls get invited in FRONT of me, and I hear nothing about it until I see the "Oh we had so much fun tonight!" on facebook. Ugh. It just hurts, I guess.
Music makes things better. Sometimes I forget how much of a 'therapy' it can be. Music and video games. I've been playing a lot of halo with my brother recently, and I've been hanging out with Mike Murphy a few times a week recently as well.
It's nice, being able to relate on that front. Anyway. READDDDD haha
Oh, and here's a picture for right now, because I just found it on my computer.


HAHAHAH I laugh every time.


1. I want to be a super hero.
2. I love watching Disney movies
3. I'm really loud and incredibly annoying…a lot of the time.


1. I have a steady job to pay bills
2. I do laundry
3. I read for fun


1. Be stress-free
2. Go on a tropical vacation
3. Find the job that I really love


1. I love video games
2. I like football and hockey
3. I eat junk food all the time


1. I love chocolate and ice cream
2. I really enjoy Harry Potter
3. I like to scrapbook and take lots of pictures


1. Fly in an airplane
2. Go on a vacation without my family
3. Some crazy fancy food


1. My ability to have fun
2. My morals and religious beliefs
3. I have and keep good grades


1. I think too much
2. I worry about unnecessary things
3. I forgive too easily


1. The dark
2. Really large insects
3. Deep water


1. Clothes
2. Water
3. Laughter


1. Good sense of humor
2. Logical
3. Respectful/Honest


1. Sleep enough
2. Hate
3. Win a fight


1. Something with writing
2. Something in music
3. A planner

TEN things you wish you could say to ten different people right now:

1. You’re incredibly self-centered. Sometimes I wonder why I wanted to be with you so badly. It makes me hate you sometimes, and then I remember how much fun we always had.

2. I believe in God. If that bothers you, I don’t think I want to be friends with you. I try to be tolerant, but your lack of tolerance about my faith REALLY pisses me off.

3. I’m so glad you came back into my life. It’s been lonely without close friends lately.

4. I'm really glad that you and I became good friends. I don't know what I'd do without you now.

5. Thanks for always looking out for me. I'm glad you're so protective of me.

6. You're about as fearsome as a doorstop.

7. I want to try that Florida trip the way it was supposed to be. Me and you.

8. I loved you. You don’t even understand that. I loved you, and couldn’t bear the possibility of hurting you. So I let you go. Because I had to, not because I wanted to. I couldn’t watch you live that way.

9. Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if I ever did go on that date with you. What would we have become?

10. You are brilliant. I only wish that I could see the world the way you do.

NINE places you feel at home:

1. My house
2. Nick's house
3. Work
4. Anywhere safe
5. Church
6. With friends
7. In my car (when it’s functional)

EIGHT ways to win your heart:

1. Have fun with me
2. Live your own life
3. have goals
4. Be respectful
5. hold my hand
6. Be honest
7. listen to me and be able to talk with me
8. support me

SEVEN people of the opposite sex who mean or meant a lot to you:

1. Dad
2. Pete & Tim & Jamal
3. Nick & daddeh
4. The Sams
5. Mike Murphy
6. Matt Lacina
7. Bufface

SIX people of the same sex who mean a lot to you:

1. Momma
2. My sisters
3. Lauren and Lauren
4. Emily & Becca
5. Ryann & Cari & Their momma
6. The rest of the work girls J Kate, Nay, Paigey, Mrs. Kang, Nicole

FIVE things that cross your mind a lot:

1. Family..
2. Friends/Nick
3. School
4. Money
5. Time

FOUR things you do before you fall asleep:

1. pjs
2. take out contacts
3. set alarm
4. Fluff bed

THREE songs that mean something to you:

1. Finally Home - MercyMe
2. Forgive Me – Rebecca St. James
3. Dead! – My Chemical Romance (even if I don’t want it to mean anything, it’s still there)

TWO confessions:

1. I hold back most of my emotional issues.
2. I get really jealous sometimes.

ONE thing your thinking about right now:

Right at this moment? My brain is exploding because I have awesome headphones on and I’m listening to dubstep really loud. It’s a little hard to think.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I really hate not being able to find socks that match.
Mostly because the fabric of different brands feels different. I can't stand going barefoot when it's cold, so today I'm stuck wearing one blue sock and one white sock. It makes me feel silly.

Nick brought me to a Griffins game last night. It was so fun. I'm so proud that he's become such a hockey fan. During the game I caught 3 certificates to Play n 1 get one free. Which is pretty exciting. So in a few minutes, Pete and I are going to pick up some new games.

Went and saw Liam Neeson's new movie, Unknown, yesterday. It's pretty neat. Combine Taken with the Bourne Series, and you've got that movie.
And, me being such a Liam Neeson fan, I loved it.
It's so full of badassery. The plot twists are pretty sweet, too.

I really like the name Liam. It's different, but not to the point where it's weird if you meet someone with the name. Kind of like 'Leah'. I don't know very many Leahs, and I'm pretty sure I only know one Liam.
It's so easy for me to think of boy names that I like, but someday, if I ever have a girl, I have no idea what I'd call her. heh.

Liam Neeson Pictures, Images and Photos

Seriously! Could he be any more of a bamf?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've been so stressed out lately that I'm gaining weight. I need to stop eating so much junk, but the sad thing is that I'm eating the same amount of junk that I always have.
I don't feel like I'm gaining weight; All of my clothes fit just as they always have. But apparently I've gained quite a bit since my last doctor's appointment...
Ugh. Lovely.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy day after Valentine's Day, everyone. In the past 3 nights, I've made more money at work than I have in the last month.
Needless to say, I'm feeling like I'm making a lot of progress.

Speaking of progress...

It's been almost 2 years since high school. I thought high school was some of the best days of my life.
Things are so different now.
While things haven't changed for others, my entire world has become completely different.
New friends, new 'family' makes me really happy.
Everything is
I like having new friends. It's a big change, but it's good.

I don't constantly feel judged.
I'm so comfortable and happy.
that 70s show Pictures, Images and Photos
I love this show.
I'm watching that 70s show. So typing is taking forever. I'm really distracted.

Oh. I almost forgot. I'm glad that I'm not dealing with the same old drama and being backstabbed all the time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm thinking about starting a tumblr.
Maybe people would read this more. I'm not sure.
I don't even know who sees this. I don't know if anyone does.

Today I got hit by a ton of bricks. Some life-changing situations came into play, and even though it has nothing to do with me, it's a real eye-opener.

Megan, if you see this, I'm praying for you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yesterday was sad.
I found a cat in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings, and the poor thing looked like it had been hit by a car. It was absolutely terrified, and there wasn't anything I could do for it. It just kind of hopped on it's back legs and was missing a lot of hair. *sigh* So sad.

I've been feeling really left out lately.
There will be times when the work girls get together after work and hang out, and then proceed to write on eachother's facebook walls about it. It wouldn't be so bad if someone would mention it to me.
What's worse is the last time this happened, the invite happened literally in front of me. Sure, I hang out with other people and see Nick a lot, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't LOVE to have a girl's night.
It just makes me really sad. It feels the same way it did the summer after graduation. Just getting left out of the loop.

Today's picture is of Mike. Because this kitty makes me SO happy.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The dry air is killing my nose. I keep getting nosebleeds. I'm not sick, my nose just hurts.
The winter storm of the year is upon us, my friends, and it's pretty awesome. It looks so pretty outside. It just reminds me of the majesty that our God is.
I'm staying the night at Nick's because driving is so bad. I'm so excited to sleep in a bed that's bigger than mine in a room that isn't covered in ice.

February has begun, which means that Valentine's Day is in two weeks, and Nick's birthday is coming up. Exciting, eh?

I thought this picture was pretty. So I put it on here. I think I'm going to have a picture every time I post. It adds a little bit to the pretty bland page that is my blogspot.

dec '10' snow Pictures, Images and Photos

Also, Mike Murphy is awesome.