Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just had a massive wave of nostalgia.
Sometimes, I really miss all the good times we had.

I carry a camera with me at almost all times. It makes capturing those perfect moments of laughter that much easier.
I saw one of those pictures today. It was from prom, two years ago. It's so strange, to see my face contorted into such an insane grin from laughing my face off with people that I feel like I hardly even know anymore.
If any of them see this, I hope they know that they've helped shape me into the person I've become.
It's not that bad. Sure, I don't know how to trust my closest friends or how to express my opinions without feeling like I'm getting backstabbed, but there are other things, better things, that make me who I've become.
It's easier for me to accept change now. It's much simpler to smile, instead of needing a reason.

I'm glad I have those pictures. I'm glad I can pull them up on facebook whenever I want. I'm happy that those memories are there.
Everything has changed. Everything is going to be different.
And I'm happy.
I really am.

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