Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alright, so I haven't posted anything really interesting as of late.
I purchased a new monitor for my computer, and even though I'm using a laptop, I seriously enjoy having an extra monitor. I also got a new pair of speakers, but they probably won't be shipped to my house until at least Thursday. But still.
I have decided that I really really really want to build my own PC. I think over time I'll just save up some money. A 5 dollar bill here, two there, and eventually I might have enough saved up to build a computer worthy of...well, awesome. Ha.
My dad's birthday party was a big success, but it didn't come without frustration on my family's part.
Sometimes, I feel like people don't really understand the responsibilities that they're obligated to, whether or not they chose them.
For instance, if you're a mother, you really don't have the 'right' to go out and get as drunk as humanly possible and smoke weed until your brain falls out. That's just...well, really stupid. It's totally selfish and idiotic. I mean, guess what your child is learning?
You're an idiot. Grow up.
Ambition is another big thing that some people really NEED, but have none of. I've come to realize that having a college degree or diploma of some sort is completely necessary for me to make it at ALL in this world. I don't understand the idea of graduating high school and believing that you never have to sit in a classroom ever after graduation. Don't you want the best for yourself? What about your FAMILY? I'm not talking about your brothers and sisters, but what about your children? Your significant others?
I don't understand how you can possibly spend as much as you do on pot and smokes and alcohol and tattoos and have no way to move out. Stop being such a selfish person and take a little responsibility in your life. You may not have chosen to be a mom, but regardless, you ARE one. So BEHAVE like one. Smoking pot at your DAD'S birthday party isn't funny in any instance. You disgusting sex addict, get your priorities straight.

I'm alone a lot. I like it. I like my peace and quiet, but I really miss some things. I miss the big family dinners. I don't remember the last time we all sat down together to a family meal. Then again, if we were to have said meal, I'm quite certain I'd just get really frustrated.

I'm an incredibly blessed person.
As of tomorrow, Nick and I will have been dating for an entire year.
Actually, it will have been an entire year since we went on our first 'date'. We'd already been talking late into the night and knew that we liked each other far before June 23rd. But that doesn't make tomorrow any less special.
I am so unbelievably blessed. I've fallen in love with a man who knows what he wants. Nick knows what kind of person he wants to be and where his future is leading him to. I am just so lucky to be a part of it all.
He's my best friend, my love, and my confidant. He's the only person that actually tries to find ways to understand me. Nick is the one person that holds nothing back.
I don't know what's next for us, but whatever it is, it's going to be spectacular.

Typing the end of this post put me in so much a better mood than the first half.
haha I wonder why.

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