Thursday, June 24, 2010

I had one messed up dream last night. At least, what I can remember was insanely weird.
Anyway, so in my dream I'm Darth Vader, right? I'm walking with some apprentice of mine through a jedi academy.
Apparently I'm the Darth Vader AFTER his body has been burned, because I'm slightly transparent and my lightsaber isn't red, it's purple.
We run into my brother, who is also at the academy, and my brother and I play this weird simulation game where you drive vehicles around and try to kill each other.
Pete won, but that's no surprise, he's the gaming king.
After that, my apprentice and I find this really dark room. I sensed not everything was alright, and suddenly we were attacked by buzz droids. We crawled through the space in the wall where the droids came from and suddenly we're in the cantina from A New Hope, but everything is LEGO.
I force pulled a box of junior mints off the wall, along with a box of bottle caps. Then my apprentice asked me to turn his jedi robes into a red suit. And I did.
Then I woke up.


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