Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mom and Dad just enjoyed a nice 4 day trip in Vegas. Now they're stuck in Chicago.
So I'm having another quiet night to myself.
It's hot in my living room and Mike and I are just being cozy. This is one happy kitty.
I'm so sleepy, but sleep just doesn't seem like a good idea right now.

I'm currently watching the first Harry Potter movie, mostly because I've been playing the LEGO Harry Potter game on my ipod lately, and it made me want to watch the movies. The acting in the first one is absolutely awful. It's almost funny.

I feel like I've been taken for granted recently. I don't know if I've always been treated this way, or perhaps I'm just noticing that people think I'm 'below' them. The way I've been talked to's as if I'm some kind of lesser being.
I just don't know how to react to people judging me this way.
Le sigh.

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