Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a few minutes

I just needed a few minutes to release a little bit of energy that I've got running through my system.
Stress, anger, relief, sadness.
They all feel a little bit the same. Overall, it all hurts my own heart. The sad thing is, I'm not the one causing it. I suppose my lack of ability to just push things aside makes it partially my own fault, but the lack of respect that I've been receiving lately is just...It hurts.
I've been called a lot of things in my life. I know words shouldn't matter. But when they're repeated over and over, it just doesn't make sense.
I don't understand why it keeps happening.
Mostly because so many things have changed. The world has changed for me, and I'm happy.
What I can't completely understand is the fact that since so much has changed for me, it appears that it hasn't for other people.
I'm over it, I suppose. I don't deserve what I am receiving from others, but I know that if you're not strong enough to say those kinds of things to my face, you're also not strong enough to hold your own in life.
I mean, seriously. I dare you to talk like that to my face and sound so confident in yourself.
I've got much better friends in this world than you ever deserve. So thanks for making me remember that.

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