Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post Canada thoughts

I just returned home after a weekend visit to my Grandma's house in Canada. She's 90 now!
It was really cool to have so many relatives in one place. The sad thing is, half of them I don't even remember. One convenient thing though, is the fact that no Veeneman ever changes. They all look exactly as I remember them (at least, the cousins that I actually know). It's amazing. I haven't seen some of those people since I was probably...8?
Upon returning home, I found my fish tank completely destroyed (well, dirty and layered with an entire can of fish food), as well as my algae eating fish dead. Not to mention the fact that some things were missing from my bedroom.
It's just sad that nothing in my own house is sacred. I'd like to think that I could write my name on a half gallon of chocolate milk and nobody would drink it. But no. Nothing lasts in this house. Nothing good, anyway. Good spirits aren't always so easy to come by.
Honestly, I can't wait for my niece to get some ADHD drugs in her system. I was reading about the disorder earlier today for homework in one of my classes, and about 3% of the population actually has the disorder. I read the symptoms, and Cambrie definitely shows every single one. It would be nice if the kid would LISTEN every now and then. Thanks to her, I didn't get to relax after I got home. I had to clean out an entire fish tank and flush a fish. I also have a feeling that I'll be digging through the house, looking for my belongings for a while. It would be nice to not have to watch that child every single second of the day. People claim that putting her on drugs will take away her personality. I say, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. Discipline obviously has no effect. Not time outs, not spanks, not even bribes make a difference. We need a change, here.
I was hoping to go shopping in Canada and get a bunch of paraphernalia for the olympic stuff, but we never got around to it. It kind of made me sad, especially when I couldn't find any hats or gloves with even a maple leaf on it when we stopped at stores on the way home.
Not too excited to get back into the swing of things, but I've only got to make it through one more week and two tests this week before SPRING BREAK.

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