Monday, April 26, 2010

Never ever NEVER will I ever spank a child.
It teaches them something SO wrong.
Physically aggressive are only teaching the child to be physically aggressive. That child learns that when they're bigger than someone else, they get to hit.
When was the last time that you, as a parent, were smacked that hard by someone bigger than you? Pretty sure you wouldn't like it either.
What do you want, parent? For your baby to FEAR you? To FORCE that child to 'love' you? What a load of shit.
Maybe you shouldn't even hold that child in your arms, because the second that child disobeys, you're hitting it.
It doesn't matter if it's on the rear end. That child doesn't deserve it. I hope someone kicks you hard in the butt the next time you do something stupid.
Especially...think of this scenario:
A mom is walking through a store with a 3-year-old in tow. The child is pulling cans off the shelves and dropping them on the floor.
How can you tell the child to "grow up" or "stop acting so childish"?
...that child is THREE.
Maybe you, as a parent, should grow up a little and realize that.
What's worse than smacking a child with your hands ANYWHERE on the body is using something else. Say a switch or a paddle or (in some cases) an extension chord. Some parents do this and don't even realize how hard they're hitting the child.
I hope someone flogs you, you horrible human.

Thus ends my night time rant as I listen to my 3-year-old niece down the hall screeching in pain.
"I've tried everything else." is your response when confronted about the issue.
Wait...WHAT? You smacked the child so the screams can be heard at all corners of the house and locked her in her room just so she'll sleep.
Some parenting.
Maybe you should try to be a mom for once.
Yeah. I'm talking to you. Grow up, and learn how to RAISE a child.
Don't teach the child fear and pain. Show it love.
Besides, you expect the kid to sleep all night when you put her to bed at 6 pm?
Jeez. You're an idiot.

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