Sunday, May 16, 2010

There's this little game I play every day.
At night, just before bed, I lay down and pull off my socks.
I throw them at my hamper, which is across the room and in a corner. You'd think that I could get both socks in every time by bouncing them off the wall and into the hamper.
But no.
Every single day, it's only one sock that lands in that hamper, and one will inevitably either miss, or bounce off the wall and behind the basket, or something else ridiculous. The other day I was so confident that both socks would make it into the hamper, and then one got stuck to THE WALL. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN.
Anyway. It's an entertaining game, and I just threw my socks across the room. And today...
both socks missed.
Man. Cotton has such a horrible amount of air resistance.
Or something.
Seriously, my aim isn't THAT bad.

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