Friday, January 21, 2011

That was an incredibly long week. School, Work, Sleep, Repeat is my motto for this week, because that's seriously all I did.
I'm so tired but can't sleep because this blasted cold won't stop making my nose super stuffy.
Thursday morning, I drove downtown to class, waited outside the classroom for 20 minutes, and then checked GRCC's website. Turns out, the professor marked himself as absent at 7:43. Class starts at 7:45. It wouldn't have made a difference if I checked at home or not, because I wouldn't have known he wasn't there. So I drove downtown, paid for parking, and drove home on Thursday morning. I would've been thrilled, but that's pretty much $15 out of my pocket for no reason. Thanks a lot, community college.

I'm really wanting a little bit of romance in my life right now. Sure, that might be the 'time of the month' talking, but don't you think every lady deserves some, if not at least ONCE in a while?
I'm really frustrated about my boots situation. Nick bought some for me for Christmas and they didn't fit, so we returned them to get them in a smaller size. Turns out the size I need doesn't even exist in black. Great. So I'm out boots.
Then the fan that Nick got me for Christmas crapped out on me last night. I mean, really? That's just awful. I really want him to be able to return it and keep the money for it. I doubt he ever would. He spent so much money on the whole thing, and silly man, fans are seasonal and are so expensive at this time of the year. What were you thinking?
It just makes me really upset. The whole season is bringing me down. I just want warmth. I want summer back so bad. This season of sickness and colds is driving me crazy.

I wish people would listen to me some more. I make a suggestion to someone and it gets ignored. Then about 3 days later I get bitched at or someone takes out their frustration on me because they didn't follow the suggestion that I placed.
Take last week, for example. Weekend started on Thursday. I worked on Thursday. I told Nick it would be a perfect opportunity for him to do his homework, because I wouldn't be able to text him so he'd have nothing to distract him.
Nope. Video games or something instead. Come Monday, I can hardly talk to the kid because he's got to get his homework done before he has to go to work that night. Dandy.
Then I get yelled at for being upset about something like this. I never pull the "I told you so," but I sure would like to.

I've been sick pretty much since September. Sure, I get better for a few days, and then it just comes back. I've had this sore throat/stuffy nose thing since last Tuesday, and who knows when it'll get any better.
I'm pretty sure it's because of this house. I need open windows and fresh air; my body can't handle the dust and mildew that's in this house. I'm constantly sneezing and coughing. Poop.
I'm miserable. Someone put me to sleep for a few months. When finals season is here, I'll be dancing and doing cartwheels. Just you watch.

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