Saturday, January 8, 2011

Woke up with some frustration this morning.

People need to get over themselves. Especially those who depend on pills to go through day-to-day life.

Sometimes I get accused for thinking I'm better than others.

The fact is, I do think I'm better. I'm not going to lie about that.
I think that's where the big problems come from. Everyone is self-absorbed. It's when we're so self-centered that we don't realize that the things we say and do to other people are so hurtful.
When you yell at someone for waking you up in the morning, only to find out that they only wanted you to come down for breakfast, it can change the entire outlook of the day.

I don't claim to be selfless. Far from it. But it's the fact that I can admit to it that makes me feel...better.
I just wish that others would do the same.

Either that, or I really wish that I was allowed to bite your head off when you're being incredibly irrational and thinking of nothing outside your own little box.
Can't anyone ever put others first anymore?

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