Sunday, December 5, 2010

I was just studying for my online English test tomorrow, and one of the big things that I focused on was writing an autobiography. In the context of the class, it suggests to write an autobiography on my writing.
However, it just brought on some thoughts of writing a REAL autobiography. Not that I would exactly know where to begin, and the whole of any autobiography about me would be pretty dry and boring, filled with me and playing GI Joes, Playmobil, and LEGOs with my brother, Pete.
It made me think though, about the main points of my life. I can't think back enough and focus on stages of my life. I hardly even remember middle school. I remember being in that massive co-ed clique, and us always trying to hang out and date and never succeeding.
Go from there to high school. That was when I really noticed my family, and how complicated we are. My sisters got pregnant, then my brother got his girlfriend pregnant, and I realized how different we really are.
Some serious spiritual battles were fought, and some complicated emotional issues were revealed. I found a new clique, and started to find myself.
Now I look at it all, going from all the complicated drama and look back on it now.
Vanity is the biggest thing that bothers me at this moment. My sisters. My friends. Even myself. It's frustrating for me to even talk to someone who is so full of him or herself that he or she cannot even acknowledge that mistakes have been made. I can't deal with your ego or the fact that you're so vain.
Maybe that's why my family drives me insane. That's a big reason why I'm happy with where I am in life.
Ugh. My mind is spinning. I can't focus on what I really want to say. Mostly because of what has happened with old blogs of mine; It seems that nothing of mine is really mine anymore. I can't say what's on my mind because I get yelled at for it. Hell, my own sister un-friended me on facebook the other day because I confronted her about one of her problems.
So where's the issue here?
I don't even know.

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