Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Christmas.
I've been having so much fun shopping and wrapping presents and listening to Handel's Messiah.
Just like last year, there's a big pile of presents under my tree, and none for me. I don't like to sound selfish, but I've been working so hard to get everything sorted out, and I feel like no one really is noticing.
It was the same way last year. Then again, what do you get for a 20 year old?
I just wish my family felt as creative and spirited as I do. I'm loving this season. I've been wrapping presents all day, and now I'm working on finding a white elephant gift to give to my secret santa next saturday at the work party.
Oh goodness me time is flying. Next week wednesday, at around 10 AM, I will be on my way home from my last exam.

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